Steven Marx (1989-01-20)

Steven Marx
Practice: Critic
Date of Lecture: 1989-01-20

Steven Marx studied history, literature and film at Harvard University; he taught English and Film at Colorado Academy and later at Phillips Academy, Andover, where he rapidly became known as an exceptional scholar and an original and influential teacher: filmmaker Pierce Rafferty, director Peter Sellars, and artist Stuart Rickey were among his students at Andover.

He left teaching to pursue work in film and later in television production, working first in community-access broadcast environments in the Boston area, and later for Continental CableVision in Cambridge, MA; he now works for AT&T Broadband, also based in Cambridge. Recent projects have included documentary work in the Gulf of Mexico as well as in South Africa; in addition, he is very active in programming and content at both regional and national levels.

His lecture at Ryerson, The Delian Couch Potato, made intriguing connections between Greek democracy and the array of choices available to a contemporary media audience, as well as providing examples of both interactive and community-based media programming. It was the first of a trilogy of lectures he has given in recent years, linking issues from ancient civilizations to our present culture. Aeschylus and the Killer App, delivered at the Bennington July program, pointed to the signal fires at the beginning of Agamemnon as the origin point of active media communication across great distances; The Shield of Achilles as a Non-narrative film, also delivered at Bennington College, connected Homer’s famous passage with the concerns of many contemporary independent filmmakers.

Marx continues to be based in Cambridge, where he lives with his wife and daughter.