Freeman Patterson (1990-11-23)

Freeman Patterson
Practice: Photographer and Author
Date of Lecture: 1990-11-23

Patterson_Freeman_w01From: Portraits of the Earth, 1987 © Freeman Patterson

Freeman Patterson was born in Long Reach, New Brunswick and educated at Columbia University, New York. At about the same time that he received an MA in divinity from Union Theological Seminary in 1962, Patterson became interested in photography. In 1965, he gave up a post teaching religious studies in order to dedicate himself to image-making. He is now widely recognized for his many award-winning pictorial books that showcase his love of the natural landscape, such as Portraits of the Earth (1989) and The Last Wilderness: Images of the Canadian Wild (1990). A retrospective publication of his photographs entitled SHADOWlight: A Photographer’s Life was made available in 1996.

Patterson is the author of several books dedicated to the instruction of photographic techniques, among them being Photography for the Joy of It and Photography and the Art of Seeing. His interest in teaching is also exemplified by the numerous workshop tours and lectures he has given over the years. In recognition for his achievements, Patterson has received the Gold Medal for Excellence in Photography from the National Film Board of Canada in 1967. In 1980, he was made a Fellow of the Photographic Society of America and in 1985, Patterson was awarded the Order of Canada.

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