Javier Vallhonrat (1992-03-20)

Javier Vallhonrat
Practice: Photography
Date of Lecture: 1992-03-20

Vallhonrat_Javier_w01From Acaso, 2001 © Javier Vallhonrat

Javier Vallhonrat is an influential artist and fashion photographer. Just after receiving a degree in painting from the University of Madrid in the 1970s, he acquired international recognition for his photographic contributions to Condé Nast Publications. Currently living and working out of Madrid, Spain, his images have been featured in numerous magazines, including Italian Vogue, London Vogue and The New York Times Magazine.

His characteristic style employs rich, nuanced color schemes and his distinct method of working, which relies on low-tech spotlights and gels to shape the expressive qualities of the image, made him one of the most in demand photographers of the 1980s and 1990s.

Vallhonrat_Javier_w02From Acaso, 2001 © Javier Vallhonrat

Vallhonrat also creates and exhibits non-commercial photographic work that is featured in the collections of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid and in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. His personal photography, which focuses on the subjective rendering of abstract concepts, displays a distinct awareness of the immense heritage of Spanish art and frequently references the work of figures such as Picasso, Gaudi and Buñuel.

Additional Link: http://www.mfilomeno.com/javier-vallhonrat/photos.html