Genevieve Cadieux (1994-11-11)

Genevieve Cadieux
Practice: Photography
Date of Lecture: 1994-11-11

Cadieux_Genevieve_w01La Felure au choeur des corps, 1990 © Genevieve Cadieux

Geneviève Cadieux, who lives and works in Montreal, is a renowned Canadian photographer, sculptor and video artist. Over the years, Cadieux has continued to create a compelling series of photographic works whose subjects include nature, the human body, and the relationship between the sexes.

Her approach to installation frequently utilizes video and sound in conjunction with her still imagery. A traveling exhibition held in 2000 entitled Geneviève Cadieux featured a number of large-scale works created by the artist between 1993 and 2000. Organized by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver, it featured Souffle (1996) a triptych of delicate, blown-glass globes and the video work Paramour (2000). The later was Cadieux’s first foray into video, and featured a dialogue between a man and a woman that questions the nature of subjectivity and desire in an exploration of the fundamental difficulties of communication.

Geneviève Cadieux currently teaches at the University of Concordia in the faculty of Fine Arts.