Lilly Koltun (1996-01-12)

Lilly Koltun
Practice: Curator and Author
Date of Lecture: 1996-01-12

Koltun_Lily_w01Yousuf Karsh, C.C., 1991 from 125 Portraits: Companions of The Order of Canada, Photo Courtesy Harry Palmer

Lilly Koltun is an art historian and writer whose interests include photographic history, archival practices and the institutional interpretation and management of visual materials. She has authored some thirty articles for journals such as Archivaria and was the editor of Private Realms of Light, Amateur photography in Canada, 1839-1940 (1984). Koltun is an adjunct professor at Carleton University’s Studies in Art and Culture and currently serves as the Director of the Art and Photography division at the National Archives of Canada where she has worked since 1976. Starting out as a photo-archivist, she eventually assumed the directorship of the Documentary Art and Photography Division. During that period, she successfully established both the Canadian Postal Archives and the Canadian Museum of Caricature, and negotiated several major acquisitions, notably that of the Yousuf Karsh studio.

Koltun’s talk addressed the topic of Canadian photographic history and was scheduled to coincide with an exhibition of former lecturers’ work held at the Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto, Ontario.