Timothy Druckrey (1997-03-13)

Timothy Druckrey
Practice: Author and Critic
Date of Lecture: 1997-03-13


Timothy Druckrey is a writer, curator and cultural theorist whose work addresses photographic history, digital media and issues of representation. Recently, his curatorial and publishing projects have focused on the politics of communications technology and the social implications of networked environments. Seeing the internet as a medium through which the dominance of broadcast media can be challenged, Druckery frequently contributes to discussions concerning internet policing and the nature of institutional surveillance. His book, Photography, Technology and Representation continues his on-going investigation of the relationship between digital technology and contemporary photographic practices.

Druckrey was the co-organizer of the Dia Center of the Arts’ international symposium, Ideaologies of Technology and co-curated the exhibition Iterations: The New Image at the International Center of Photography. He was the editor of Electronic Culture, a collection of theoretical essays addressing new technologies and is a founding member of the new media collective MergedMedia.

Druckrey_Timothy_w01Reasoned Space, (1980) © Center for Creative Photography/University of Arizona/Tucson