Linda Troeller (1999-11-05)

Linda Troeller
Practice: Photography
Date of Lecture: 1999-11-05


Linda Troeller’s photographs have been exhibited internationally in Germany, France and the United States and published in such periodicals as the New York Times Magazine and Life Magazine. She has received international acclaim for her series TB-AIDS Diary, the book Healing Waters, published by Aperture, and, most recently, for the book The Erotic Lives Of Women.

The Erotic Lives Of Women is different, and should be honored as one of the most gutsy and imaginative erotic books of the decade.” – Suzy Bright, New York Times Book Review ’98

Troeller_Linda_w01Pal, 45, singer, USA from “The Erotic Lives of Women”, 1998 from “The Erotic Lives of Women”, 1998

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