Jim Goldberg (2000-02-11)

Jim Goldberg
Practice: Photography and Video
Date of Lecture: 2000-02-11


Jim Goldberg belongs to the post-Sontag generation of social documentary photographers that remain committed to addressing complex social issues without irony.” – Creative Camera

Jim Goldberg studied photography at the San Francisco Art Institute, earning his MFA in 1985. It was also in that year that he published his first two books: “Sublime Intent and In Between” (with Tom Bonauro) and “Rich and Poor“. The latter monograph received attention as much for its style and method as for it’s subject matter. With “Rich and Poor“, Goldberg documented moments in the lives of San Francisco’s poorest and wealthiest with the same even hand. His subjects were asked to add a comment to their image, something reflecting on their own life, in their own words. These comments were written directly on to the photographs adding depth and immediacy to Goldberg’s depiction of two groups that are equally subjected to judgment and mistrust by society in general.

Goldberg_Jim_w01from Rich and Poor, 1985

After the publication of “Rich and Poor“, Goldberg received a Guggenheim Fellowship to document youth in America. In 1985 he began work on “Raised by Wolves“, a book of the stories, artifacts and images of a group of street-kids with which Goldberg spent on enormous amount of time. The book would be ten years in the making, the time to get to know the kids, learn their stories, make the photographs and put together the book itself which is ground-breaking in its form.

Goldberg has said of the book: “It’s important to me that Raised by Wolves is believable and also that it conveys a sense of ambiguity, raising questions instead of answering them.

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