Stan Douglas (2001-01-18)

Stan Douglas
Practice: Photography, Video, and Film Installation
Date of Lecture: 2001-01-18


Stan Douglas is an internationally renowned photographer, filmmaker and curator whose work has been both collected and exhibited worldwide. Douglas’ work is the subject of numerous publications, including a Phaidon monograph in 1998.

Critics have referred to the multimedia installations of Stan Douglas as some of “the most significant artworks of his generation.” His innovative use of film, television and photography was recently the subject of a traveling exhibition mounted by the Vancouver Art Gallery that traveled internationally, including the Power Plant in Toronto and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Curator Alf Bogusky describes the work of Douglas as “marrying aspects of regional history to larger questions that extend beyond [his] place. Douglas’ works use the lens of the local to examine history in a new way, opening up questions and issues not addressed by more traditional accounts”

Douglas_Stan_w011970s set for ‘Der Sandmann,’ DOKFILM Studios, Potsdam, Babelsberg 1994

Douglas is intrigued by the historical and the political and how these two issues interact with nature. His images probe the dynamics of environmental and historical change and his fascination with failed utopias, many which reveal a concern with historic moments in relation to colonialism, urban development and memory. But his work also touches on the media and its approach to non-bias reporting. Douglas is a master of ironic imagery pitting nature against urbanization and their attempt to co-exist.