Roni Horn (2002-02-15)

Roni Horn
Practice: Photography Installation
Date: 2002-02-15


“I want to make sensible experience more present. People have much more knowledge than they realize. I try to reach the viewer by addressing the bodily and not just the mental/nonphysical being. The viewer must take responsibility for being there, otherwise there is nothing there.” – Roni Horn, Journal of Contemporary Art

Horn_Roni_w01From Another Water (The River Thames, for Example)

Since the mid-1970s, New York based artist Roni Horn has produced sculptures, drawings, photographic installations, and artists’ books. Throughout her career, regardless of the media she has employed, Horn has maintained a strong relationship between the work and the viewer. In a recent photographic installation, Another Water (The River Thames, For Example), she presented a series of large images of the surface of the Thames River in London. The photographs incorporate tiny numbers that beckon the viewer closer to the image. Up close the viewer becomes surrounded by eddies and currents of the river’s surface and by the numbers, which are footnoted to a text written beneath by the artist.