Shu Lea Cheang (2005-01-14)

Shu Lea Cheang
Practice: New Media
Date of lecture: 2005-01-14

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Recognized internationally as a pioneer in the field of digital art, Shu Lea Cheang began her career working with activist media collective Paper Tiger TV. Having developed a distinctive effects-based video editing style, she began producing netart and, in 1999, became the first artist commissioned by the Guggenheim Museum to produce a work of art for their website. Brandon: A One Year Narrative Project in Installments, hosted a public discussion of gender fusion and the techno-body as it related to the murder of Teena Brandon in Nebraska in 1993. (An event that also inspired the making of the film Boys Don’t Cry.) Cheang’s preoccupation with sex, politics, and future social regimes continues to inform her current work which includes: I.K.U., a feature length cyber-sex science-fiction film which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2000; Locker Baby, an examination of commercialized reproduction set in the year 2030; and, her most recent project, Fluid, a feature film in which a genetically engineered cure for HIV/AIDS unleashes a epidemic of free love.

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Shu Lea Cheang was born in Taiwan and holds a history degree from National Taiwan University and an M.A. in Cinema Studies from New York University. Currently based in Paris, Shu Lea has exhibited her work at Dutch Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF) in Rotterdam, the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, and the Whitney Biennial in New York. She is represented by The Project in New York and the Julia Friedman Gallery in Chicago.

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