Symposium on the Workplace in Canada (2011-11-08)

From Workspace Canada by Martin Weinhold

The Student Lecture Series Coordinators are excited to collaborate with the IMA Gallery for our second lecture of this school year, a panel discussion. The November 8th discussion will feature an exchange of views on the representation of labour. Speakers on the panel will include Martin Weinhold, Prof. Mark Kingwell of the University of Toronto, and photo-based artists Carol Conde and Karl Beveridge.

Finding a job is extremely competitive and hard to come by in our current economic state. Haven’t we all wondered about our future in the work place?! Come to witness artists and a professor of philosophy discuss our future living and working in Canada! This panel discussion will be extremely beneficial for those who have any questions or curiosities about the Canadian workspace.

Martin Weinhold:

Carol Conde and Karl Beveridge:

Mark Kingwell: