Natalie Matutschovsky and Jason Logan (2012-03-22)

Natalie Matutschovsky and Jason Logan
Practice: Matutschovsky – Photo Editor & Logan – Creative Director
Date of Lecture: 2012-03-22

Natalie Matutschovsky:

Senior Photo Editor, TIME
Natalie Matutschovsky joined TIME in 2010 as associate photo editor. In addition to contributing to weekly features and special packages like the TIME 100 and an annual roundup of great-performances portraits, she edits for the Culture section. Natalie was formerly at the New Yorker, where she curated images for the fiction section. Before moving to New York City in 2006, she headed up photography at the Walrus, a magazine based in her hometown, Toronto.

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Jason Logan:

He is the current creative director of all rogers publications.

– Creative Director Rogers Publishing (all titles)
– Creative Director, Special Projects at Rogers Communication
– Cover Designer (various)
– Art Director at Seed Media Group
– Designer New York Times Newspaper
– Founding Art Director Guilt & Pleasure Magazine
– Founding Art Director, The Walrus Magazine
– Art Director, Saturday Post/National Post
– Senior Designer, Saturday Night magazine
– Author of 3 books translated into 8 languages
– Regular contributor to New York Times, Globe and Mail and etc
– also instruction and special lecturer OCAD and Sheridan