MARCH 14TH, 2013

7:00 PM

Location: LIBRARY BUILDING – Theatre LIB-72 (350 Victoria Street, entrance at Victoria & Gould Streets)


Over the last 50 years, Gabor Szilasi has created one of Canada’s most significant and influential bodies of photographic work, comprising environmental portraits, domestic and urban views of Montreal and Budapest, and images of rural Quebec. Szilasi has influenced generations of photographers not only through his work, which has been exhibited throughout Canada and abroad, but also through his teaching, most notably at Concordia University in Montreal.

A survey of Szilasi’s work is featured in his retrospective exhibition, Gabor Szilasi: The Eloquence of the Everyday.  Curated by David Harris, Associate Professor at the School of Image Arts at Ryerson University, this traveling exhibition was realized in a partnership between the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography and the Musée d’art de Joliette .  The exhibition will be presented at the Ryerson Image Centre in the summer of 2013.  On March 14th/13, David Harris will conduct a conversation with Gabor Szilasi about his life and work.

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