Shirin Neshat (2004-03-26)

Shirin Neshat
Practice: Film, Video, and Photography
Date of Lecture: 2004-03-26


Iranian-born artist Shirin Neshat considers herself a passionate insider who prefers raising questions as opposed to answering them. After living in the United States for 12 years, Neshat returned to her native Iran for the first of several visits. The feelings of displacement and exile she felt as a result of the Islamic Revolution in Iran would prove to be the driving force behind much of her work. Working with both photography and video, Neshats work crosses the boundaries of nationality, culture, and artistic medium. In her trilogy of dual projection installations Turbulent, Rapture, and Fervor (1998-2000), Neshat created an interactive video work examining various gender roles in Islamic society. Her 2001 video piece Passage, which is accompanied by a sound track by Phillip Glass, is a reflection on nature and culture and the meaning assigned to life and death.


Shirin Neshat received her B.A. and M.F.A. from the University of California at Berkeley and has since presented solo shows of her work internationally. She is a recipient of a grant from the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation and was awarded the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival.

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