Perry Hoberman (1997-03-27)

Perry Hoberman
Practice: New Media; Digital, Installation, Interactive
Date of Lecture: 1997-03-27


Perry Hoberman, an installation and multi-media artist, is a pioneer in the field of virtual reality and interactive art. Hoberman has had work featured in Ars Electronica, Linz (Bar Code Hotel, 1994 and Systems Maintenance, 1999), at the Fundació Joan Miro, Barcelona (Lightpools or El Bal del Fanalet, 1998) and in Alien Intelligence held at the Kiasma Museum, Helsinki, Finland (ZOMBIAC, 2000).

His installation, Faraday’s Garden, (1990-99) invites participants to walk through a landscape of countless household and office appliances that lie dormant until triggered by the presence of the spectator. The overall impression ranges from either comfortable control of the machines to a more ominous sense of the technology’s autonomy.

Bar Code Hotel (1994) employs consumer product technology to create a multi-user, interactive environment. Spectators are encouraged to collaborate with three-dimensional, computer-generated projections through the use of scanning devices. (Bar Code Hotel won the 1995 Archetype Award for Overall Excellence at the Interactive Media Festival in Los Angeles).

Perry Hoberman: Zombiac (Zone of Monitor-Based Inter-Amnesiac Contact), 2000Zombiac (Zone of Monitor-Based Inter-Amnesiac Contact), 2000 © Perry Hoberman

Two of Hoberman’s recent on-going projects include Workaholic, first shown at the exhibition Vision Ruhr in Dortmund, Germany and Cathartic User Interface 1.0, an installation that addresses technological frustration. A retrospective of Hoberman’s work, Unexpected Obstacles (1998) was held at the Gallery Otso in Espoo, Finland and at the ZKM Mediamuseum in Karlsruhe, Germany. Hoberman has won numerous awards, including the Grand Prix, ICC Biennale ’99 and the Award of Distinction in Interactive Art, Prix Ars Electronica 99.

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