Lynne Cohen (2002-11-01)

Lynne Cohen
Practice: Photography
Date of Lecture: 2002-11-01


“But documentable “facts” are not what Cohen is after; her photographs are not reporting. They are meditations on how culture shapes space and hence our lives, on the different systems of control exerted in our society. These covert forces are made manifest in the locations she chooses to photograph: the tyranny of fashion over taste (living rooms, offices, lobbies); of time over vitality (spas); the past over the future (classrooms); scientific knowledge over other kinds of wisdom (laboratories); matter over spirit (military installations).” – Georges Bogardi, Canadian Art Magazine

Spa, © Lynne Cohen

Lynne Cohen’s work spans some 25 years and is currently the subject of a survey exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada. The exhibit is accompanied by a monograph titled,No Man’s Land, published by Thames & Hudson. Cohen’s work will be opening at the Olga Korper Gallery, 17 Morrow Avenue, Toronto on November 2/02, 2:00pm to 5:00pm. The show will run until December 3/02.

Living Room, © Lynne Cohen