Ruth Noack (2012-04-25)

Ruth Noack
Practice: Writer and Curator
Date of Lecture: 2012-04-25


Vienna-based curator and writer Ruth Noack led a discussion on the controversial and groundbreaking art of the leading Croatian multidisciplinary artist Sanja Iveković.

“In 1974, while Yugoslavia’s president Tito was visiting Zagreb, Sanja Iveković sat on her balcony and performed what seemed like masturbation, only to be stopped by policemen, whose colleagues had observed the artist from a nearby rooftop. Triangle became part of the canon of Conceptual Art, and much revered by feminists. It has been widely written about, but neither the historical context, nor the actual photographic installation has ever been closely looked at. How can we read this work and why is it important today? Let’s start with a quote from the artist: ‘One can rightfully say that those who were active on the counter-cultural scene at the time took the socialist project far more seriously than the cynical governing political elite.’” (Ruth Noack)

Ruth Noack is a curator and writer living in Vienna. She studied feminist theory, art, and audiovisual media in England and the United States and received a degree in art history from the University of Vienna. Noack has worked as a translator, art critic, exhibition organizer, and university lecturer. She held the position of president of the Austrian section of the International Association of Art Critics and was a member of the jury for the Chinese Contemporary Art Award. Noack also curated document 12, working alongside Roger Buergel. She employs an interdisciplinary approach to her work that makes use of principles of film theory, and has focused on issues of govern mentality, globalization, and exhibition-making. Her numerous lectures and publications have included monographs on Eva Hesse, Alejandra Riera, Danica Dakic, Mary Kelly, and Ines Doujak. Her book on Sanja Iveković will be published by Afterall/MIT Press in 2013. Currently, she is working on an exhibition called Sleeping with a Vengeance, Dreaming of a Life.

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